Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer Festivities

A week off from work is truly a blessing, especially considering that the rain is not to let up for days, and I'd much rather be inside during days like this.

I've been going to a lot of events lately, between the Bosox game a couple weeks ago, the Giants game last week, and the Opie and Anthony Traveling Virus show last night. Too much drinking, too many $7 beers, not enough soberness at all.

You know you're doing good when you end up on the Turnpike and then Route 80 when you're trying to leave Giants' Stadium...and the only thing that keeps you from getting lost is your buddy screaming, "Stay the fuck away from the Turnpike! Go away from the Turnpike!". This is after you pregamed for the game with a thirty pack in the parking lot, the came outside and started partying with the dudes next to (not in a gay way) who just happen to be cooking loads of food and drinking more beer. Somehow I think that their drive back to Connecticut was more safe then our drive back to Wayne because...well, I was drunk.

The comedy show last night was decent also. I was drunk, of course, and happy until some skinny black kid who was working the aisles at PNC knocked my last beer out of my hand, and then looked at it and said, "Damn, that's like ten bucks. Happened alot tonight". I wanted to strangle that cocksucker, but I was drunk and didn't want to get arrested.

Bob Sagat was at this show, and let me tell you how un-fucking-funny he is. The first two minutes are humorous; "Ha ha, the dude from Full House just said he'd suck dick for a cigarette". Yea, well after that it's all downhill.

Bill Burr was funny, even though I can't remember a thing he said because I was so intoxicated. Jim Norton from O & A was excellent, as were the strippers that came in after each set ended. I was cheering loudest for them...and was the only one. Strange looks of, "Oh, My, God, why is that dude screaming at the those girls? Where does he think he is, a concert?" abounded. Ah, New Jersey, I have never been so ashamed of you....those girls are trying to get through Med school, and I'm just trying to give them a little support. Get the sticks out of your asses!

Good time all in all, and these are great ways to end the summer.


Big Ben said...

Did you want to strangle him because he spilled your beer or because he was black?

J said...

Color and creed I don't care about.

You spill my fucking beer and we're going to have problems.

Buzz said...

So what commedian was it?