Monday, February 11, 2008

That's Right, Pimpin

I am listening to so much goddamn hip hop because of the guys I work with it's sickening. However, there's so much good stuff out that I can't even knock it. I used to only half-heartedly listen to it, but a lot of people with a lot of soul are going all out... Jay Z and Kanye blow me away, to be honest.

I've even picked up an incredible saying from the black dude I work with- "That's right pimpin."

"Pimpin" is used as a noun here, not a verb. So the subject of your sentence, he's called "pimpin." He does something smooth, and you lay it down- "That's right pimpin!" I could put a comma in between the "right" and the "pimpin" to let you know that "pimpin" is the subject, but it's said all in one shot, no breaths.

So Eli Manning scores the game winning TD in the Super Bowl? "That's right pimpin".

Your buddy hooks up with a hot blonde after he lies his balls off and tells her he plays for the New York Rangers? "That's right pimpin"

Manny Ramirez hits a game ending, walk off homer? "That's right pimpin".

It's gotta be something you do with style- you can't really call it that if, let's say, your buddy knocks a guy out at a bar. Even a one punch shot.... it's still not really "pimpin". It's "badass", to be sure, but not "pimpin". Now, The Rock in the first ten minutes of The Rundown, that's "pimpin", especially where he flips the clip out of the gun while he's staring the other guy down. It's all about style.

Deion Sanders is "pimpin".

Mike Tyson is not.

Michael Irvin is "pimpin".

Tom Cruise is not (although he was in both Top Gun and Cocktail).

If you have to wonder whether or not you're "pimpin", well, then you're not, and you shouldn't try to be. I'll explain this more later.

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Buzz said...

I don't think I've been anywhere near pimpin.

I feel you though. I work with a lot of Phillipinos and they have their own way of speech too. If a word is too big for them to say or it doesn't come to their brain quick enough (not that these folks are dumb, hell I can barely keep one language straight in my head not to mention two) they say "that one" and point or nod or look at whatever they're talking about.


"I'm going to take that one (nods and looks at a microscope) to the other room..."