Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Amazing Foaming Beer Can

Ironically, some supernatural shit ocurred.

We were sitting at my buddy Campbell's apartment, maybe six or eight of us in all. We're sitting around drinking, playing video games, or whatever.

Suddenly, my buddy Harry whacks me, and says, "Look at this shit".

This beer can is bubbling over, for no reason whatsoever. This beer had sat on the computer desk for at least a half hour, hanging out and not causing trouble. Harry had gone to drink it, thinking that it was his beer, and all of a sudden, it started foaming and bubbling to the point that it spilled over the top of the can.

This had only happened once before, and it was in Campbell's apartment. He was sitting there, playing video games, when all of a sudden this beer on his table started overflowing. He thought immediately that it was Ryer, saying in his own special way that Campbell was a fucking nerd for playing these games as much as he did.

All I can do is sit and wonder whether it was actually Ryer who made those beers overflow, whether out of spite of us, or of the fact that he couldn't be there to join us anymore. What I can say is that this is the third fucked up thing like this that's happened to me, and I'm starting to believe it isn't a coincidence anymore.

The humourous part is that after further inspection, this beer had a cigarette put out in it. So, as Harry went to drink it, it started foaming over. Maybe, just maybe, this was Ryer doing him a favor.

Or maybe I'm just drinking and hoping too much.

The Holy Beer Can
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