Friday, June 16, 2006

Strip club

It's my buddy's birthday, today, so to the Strip Club we are going. New Jersey is fucked up sometimes, and I just figured I'd vent about the fact that there are so many laws that dictate where naked chicks can be and what you can be drinking when they're naked.

If the bar has all naked girls, the club can't serve beer. If they have girls in panties and bras, they can serve all the beer they want. What fucking sense does this make? What throws me for an even bigger loop is that they can't serve booze, but I can bring in a 30 pack. I mean, honestly, who the fuck thought this law up? This is another one of those old laws from the Victorian Age, I bet, just like those laws that ban slurping your soup in public (I actually mean slurping your soup, not blowjobs or something. Although I bet they got a law about that too).

I can be drunk and rowdy regardless of whether there's beer for sale on the premise. Of course, the size and number of all those fucking bouncers in there makes me think twice, no matter how drunk I am.

The last time I was at Lace, I think I saw the bouncer interrogation room. It looked decievingly like a closet, but I know the're just trying to fool us into thinking that. I bet beatings went down in here that make Abu-Gahrib look like just a playground fight.

Check it out.

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Honestly, I was so fucking drunk that I don't even know that this room was in the strip club, but I can assume it probably was. I don't know how I got there, and I probably wasn't even supposed to be there, and I think that's my shadow in the picture.

How drunk was I? Drunk enough that the very hot blonde stripper that gave me a lap dance couldn't get my dick to even come close to moving. I was not happy about this, and I bet her confidence in her stripping ability was crushed. But hey...I drink a lot.

It's kind of funny with this camera phone, because now, not only do I have to see who I called when I was drunk, but I have to see if I took any good pictures. So far, I've come to the conclusion that I'm a terrible fucking photographer, and that I should stick to writing and lifting heavy stuff.

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