Monday, May 07, 2007


Looking back on Saturday night, it's angering me that I didn't react better when that Spanish pric mouthed off to me. Any other night and he'd be eating his teeth, but no, I didn't feeel like starting anything.

Yea I know, I did the right thing and used my head for once, instead of my normal drunken beer balls/muscles. Yes, it probably saved me from getting beat by the cops, and no one would have stopped the fight because we were outside, so I may have gotten stomped (or arrested for excessive force, depending on the outcome). But that doesn't help the nagging feeling that I backed down.

What does help is that for once, my mother said something worthwhile: "If you're going to get arrested for a fight, at least make it worth it... not over some bullshit that never happened."

She's lying, and would lose it if I got arrested for assault. But she's right.

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