Saturday, May 05, 2007


"You know what I just realized, bro?"

"What's that?"

"That life is fucking miserable. You think it's cool, and then something terrible happens, and it's just one fucking thing after another."

"You were in Afghanistan for six months, and you just realized that now?"


"Well, welcome to the world. You ever hear that saying, "To be Irish is to know the world will break your heart?"

"No, but I like it a lot."

"You should, cause it's goddamn true. That's why we're the only ones who can hope for the absolute best, but expect the absolute worst to happen and are able to say, "Well, that figures."


"There's no one else that does that. The Russians are always fucking depressed, the Italians are too damn dumb to understand what's really going on, the English are too damn... English, the Germans are too cut and dry... but no, boy, the Irish are the ones that realize that good things can happen... it just won't happen to them. It's a blessing and a curse, this fine mix of idealistic passion and realistic downtroddeness. I think it's in the blood."

"Whatever dude. It's depressing."

"Yea, well that's why we're always drunk."

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