Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rock N Roll Jesus

If you haven't bought the latest Kid Rock album, then you are missing out on a piece of genuine American beauty. This motherfucker smokes. It is hard to get me to dance unless I've been drinking rum... but this CD had me rocking out all the way home from work, almost crashing at least twice.

That would have been hard to explain...

"So son, what were you doing when you rear ended that beamer?"

"Bein' a car dance mosh monster."


"Sorry dude, Kid Rock was on."


Trashman said...

I've been trying to get that CD, just thru other means than purchase. LOL

Nightmare said...

"Bein' a car dance mosh monster."

funniest visual in my head in the last 12 hours.

Before that was Trash's mom.

ZooKeeper said...

That album kicks some serious ass. Trash hit me up...