Thursday, August 31, 2006

On Iraq

I have seen on the news that Bush, Condi and Rumsfeld are out and about trying to resurrect support for their dead and dying war. Bush is saying that same line he's been spouting for the last six years, all the bullshit that, "Terrorists hate our Freedom"! Condi is in the back nodding her head, and Rumsfeld is probably cackling over pictures of dead Muslim children (knowing him.)

Well, here's my take on it.

At this point in time, America has two choices in relation to this Iraq War:

1. We can be involved in the Iraqi Civil War, and sacrifice more American lives over an extended period of time with a strong possibility of failure (as we are doing now)

2. Pull out, and let the Iraqis fight their own civil war.

It is my line of thinking (a reasonable one, I think), that if the people in that country really want a democratically elected state, they will fight for it. Not only will they fight for it, but they will win. They will do exactly how so many others have done in the past, and make blood run like a raging river around the altar of freedom, and their communion will be taken with bullets to spare. But they will win.

To think that we could install a democratic state against the will of the people who live there is insane, no less insane then it was when we tried it in Vietnam with Diem, and then had him knocked off when he failed so miserably. If the population rejects this form of government, than no amount of US support or firepower will change that, and we will be in another protracted war with a guerilla insurgency that cannont be defeated convetionally- again, it may be like Vietnam with the French, where Vietnamese of all types of idealogies banded together just to get the foreigners out, and then split apart as soon as that goal is accomplished. By being there, we are doing more for the extremists in giving them a rallying point to kill Americans.

We have done all that we can do. Things are not going to change in Iraq. It is time to let them decide their fate, as all countries have in the past. Sometimes, a Civil War is necessary for the survival of the country as a whole- look at our own nation. England had a civil war, Ireland had a civil war, the French had their revolution, Spain had their civil war back in the 30's; in fact, I'm hard pressed to think of a single nation that has ever achieved anything that hasn't had a civil war. It's kind of like a rite of passage into the world...similar to the first time you got drunk and banged a fat chick; hey, everyone does it at least once.
As I once read, "If democracy is so great, you won't have to push it on people. They'll steal it."


Xalpharis said...

I'd be willing to bet that they will choose to stay and waste more American lives, because the 81st Chairborne is fearless in the face of danger. The numbers in their bank accounts are going up, and it's not their families that are being ruined.

LennyP said...

Or the other option is we fight for real and wipe every fanatic muslim out. We need to stop worrying over the political ramifications of fighting a war. War is not a thing to be pc about. After we kill every last extremist then the rest of it will take care of itself.

J said...

You have to worry about political ramifications...after all, wars are quite political.

The support of the people in this country is what will make us fight or get out of Iraq. Thankfully, the tide is turning.