Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hunter S. Thompson

I've been reading a lot by him right now, and every passing day I realize how much this country needed him at this point in time. I also realize how he couldn't possibly stand being here to witness all this shit that was going on.

Sometimes I think people dislike my writing because I don't use over the top phrasing, huge words, or beautiful syntax. It's as if they feel that if they're reading it, I should've have made it as fancy as I possibly could for their wandering eyes, and the direct way I write isn't enough for them. Well, I learned it from guys like Hunter, who wrote his books in a simple way, a way that makes you think if you saw him in a bar, he'd tell it the exact same way. To be able to do this is a gift, not a curse. I write for guys who don't read books. The professors and scholars might not dig it, but the day I care about them is the day I slam my dick in a door. So hats off to Hunter.

If you wonder if he's gone to Heaven or Hell —rest assured he will check out them both, find out which one Richard Milhous Nixon went to —and go there.

- Ralph Steadman

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team gingerbread said...

Well said. I enjoy your writing style just fine.

Got here via BE btw