Monday, March 05, 2007


I don't talk much about politics these days. I've had it out with every asshole in the world about politics, and I've basically given in to the fact that Americans are much dumber than I thought and the world is doomed to destroy itself in some orgasmic religion driven fury that I will have no part of. However, I will say a few things in the light of this coming election that has the Democrats wondering what soldier to send to war against the Republican political machine.

Yesterday I watched Barack Obama give a speech to a room full of black leaders and preachers on the anniversary of the Selma Riots, and it was then that I realized one thing: this man is the last great hope for our democracy.

He speaks with the eloquence of a Clinton mixed with the honesty of a Lincoln, and when he talks, men listen. The Democratic Party line is one that is among the most noble in the history of men- that no man should starve, and all should have a floor that no one can fall below. It is not a Communist line, as the Karl Rove's of the world would love you to believe; simply a humane one. When that is mixed with the message that every man can be whatever he wants, and can pull himself out of the gutter and climb to the peak, as Obama himself has done, it can be a beautiful thing. When combined further with the fury and passion of a man who can talk with the fire of a black Southern can be unbeatable.

And then what have we on the other side but the frothing cunt of a woman named Hillary Clinton, who, as an underhanded, lying, scheming politician, lies in the high grass like a snake, waiting for her chance. She bounds from up from Arkansas so she can pretend to be from New York to get elected, pulling bullshit lines from her carpetbag of tricks, about how "We the people of New York" blah blah blah. She represents the American monarchy, the ideal that one family can be in power for possibly 16 years, and that two families could be for 27. She is the politician who starts including God in her speaches after she realizes that America is still blinded by religion, who will con and connive her way into the Oval Office in whatever manner she can. I liked Bill Clinton, even though looking back, I would not trust him all that much. I still liked him, though, and that was his great power. A charming leader is a good thing, especially in politics. Everyone needs to remember that this cold hearted bitch is not him, and do not let her fool you into thinking she is.

If Obama gets the nod, I will support him as much as my measley abilities allow me. If Clinton gets it... then this year, I will vote Republican, and abandon the Democrats, possibly forever.

Why? Cause fuck them, and fuck her.

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