Saturday, July 29, 2006

Damn the Superchristians

Today I was told by some bible thumping loon that Pope John Paul II is in hell right now because he worshiped false idols and was not of the born-again breed. It was, apparently, "Right there in the scripture".

Yea, I bet it was.. you fucking idiot.

I have had it up to my fucking eyes with these self-righteous souls that have the gall to tell me that the Pope is in hell right now. I don't where it came from or why it is here, but the Superchristian movement needs to take a hike.

Thomas Jefferson once said, in "Notes on the State of Virgina", that it does him no harm if his neighbor has one god or twenty. As far as this Founding Father was concerned, everyone had the right to simply believe what they want to, and be done with it. However, this fanatical variation of Christianity is just as bad as the radical Muslims that they claim to hate so much.

In this bastardized version of christianity, they feel the need to "save" everyone. Everyone must be saved, everyone must believe, as they do, that, "Oh no, my book of fairytales is sooo much more true than your book of fairytales. Look? See the part about the flood? Your book doesn't even mention Noah! Ha! Now how retarded do you feel? Wait, what? How do I know all this is true? GOD WROTE IT!"

No, bitch, God didn't fucking write it. Supposed prophets wrote it, and then monks copied and recopied it for thousands of years, and things got changed as they went. Remember that game of "telephone" you used to play as a kid? There was always one jerkoff who changed the thing around and made it seemed like you were an idiot? Yea, well that hasn't changed. My money is on the fact that there was two monks (probably a million, being as they were all guys) who sat around laughing like Beavis and Butthead when they rearranged a couple things so that Babylon was taking it up the ass instead of just being, "A really bad town".

C'mon now. Men are fallible, and the road to hell is paved with good intentions. With how insanely devious the Church has been in the last couple thousand years, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they changed the story a bit to make themselves seem a little better, and the Jews or Muslims sound just a little bit worse. This may have been especially important during things like the Inquisition or the Crusades, when villifying the enemy was kind of important.

Jesus would hate these superchristians, ironically- judgemental, damning, close minded, hateful and warlike.

On a related n0te, what the fuck ever happened to seperation of Church and State? There are many founding fathers who are angry about the way this country is going I think...all that work in the Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, all so these horse's asses can turn America into a theocracy. Where are you Thomas Paine....the age of reason has passed!

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