Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I just finished two.

One was the book by Rob the Bouncer. Is it written like a blog? Yea. Repetitive once in a while, especially when he's explaining a few basic points about his job. However, there are some great stories in there, and he does have quite a bit of talent, as well as that kind of miserable analytical-ness of mind required to be a great fucking writer. Plus, as a blue collar type Jersey guy, I appreciate the hatred of guidos... apparently the rest of the country doesn't have these scourges of humanity, and there's few that could explain the mind boggling idiocy of them without just breaking out into a stream of expletives. God I fucking hate them, and I hope Belmar burns this summer...

Someone on Amazon said the book doesn't have a good ending, just kind of leaves you hanging... that's when I swore I would never read another rating from those dolts again. It's a memoir that the guy is still living... what the fuck do you want? Explosions and strippers? People amaze me.

Either way, he's a genuine cat who has had a tough time. Read his book. It's well worth it.

Besides that, I've finished the book Brutal by Kevin Weeks, the strongarm #2 man of Whitey Bulger's South Boston mob. If you want to see why if someone really wants you dead, you will be fucking dead... pick up this book. Not a guy I'd ever want to cross. Besides that, you get a hint of what it was truly like to live in that underworld, as well as a portrait of the mythical Whitey from a different point of view. Especially intresting considering John Matarano was just on 60 Minutes this Sunday; apparently him and Kevin don't see eye to eye on exactly how Bulger should be treated. I would like to see how this all plays out, being as he's still on the run.

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BH said...

Brutal was a fantastic title for that book. Eesh!

Thanks for sending the letter to save the Hill of Tara.