Sunday, January 20, 2008


If you weren't in NJ tonight, you missed out.

The chant goes up over the din in a crowded bar with dark wooden walls in New Jersey- Let's go Giants, boom, boom, boomboomboom, Let's go Giants boom boom boomboomboom.

People are arm in arm, holding each other up, some have their hands folded in silent prayers.

When the kick is in the air, we hold our collective breath, hoping against hope that our underdogs, the Pride of Bergen County, can pull off the impossible.

She sails through the uprights, true blue, and the place explodes in a roar, people are dancing and stomping and everyone is jumping up and down and the bartenders are wailing and Bon Jovi comes on the jukebox, singing, "RAISE YOUR HANDS!" and we are utterly stunned that our boys have pulled it off.

I said it before the game, that win, lose or draw boyos, we were fucking proud of you. But now we got one more game to go.

Jersey loves you, you amazing motherfuckers. Holy hannah montana, we are going to the Super Bowl.


Trashman said...

Even a dogs ass catches some sunshine once and awhile.

BH said...

Unbelievable. Congrats! Now if only the Patriots had lost as well.

BH said...

Irish - I'm in NYC for business through Sunday. Staying near the Theater District. Do you know any good dive bars I should check out? I know you're a Jersey boy, but figured you'd have some ideas.