Thursday, April 13, 2006

Drinking again

I'm drinking a little bit. And by "a little bit" I mean LOTS. I'm just kinda chillin' here by the computer, drinking a beer, pregaming for wherever this night takes me.

So being in a contemplative mood tonight, I wonder why writers are so prone to being so very fucked up. I mean, everyone you see that writes decent songs is some kind of fucked up, all my favorite writers and poets were a bunch of drunks, even artists get into the mix once in a while. I wonder why business majors don't drink as would think when the name of your game is "Take what you can and fuck everyone else", you would need a few drinks to sleep at night. But no, its us writers who are half crazy drunks, we who are so often bleeding heart liberals.

I'm not much for information on how the brain works, but I swear we are wired differently than nearly every other person. If you have a fondness for reading literature and writing, than you are guaranteed to be some kind of fucked up, no matter how decent your life is.

I think it is because, as I once read somewhere, we feel life to too much to bear living it. We're so wrapped up in everything that is going on in the world, in the politics and genocides and revolutions and deaths and oppression, that we never can just sit back and enjoy what we've got. We're so goddamn worried about things that seem so far out of control for us....I doubt many businessmen give a fuck about the world's affairs, aside from how it affects oil futures and the price of gasoline.

I remember a teacher of mine saying how much the English teachers in high school drink; "They're at the bar before you, and they're there when you're leaving". So its not just me- we're all nearly beyond comprehension. I can't figure out whether that's good or not.

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