Thursday, April 20, 2006

That DJ...still sucks

Again, again, a-fucking-gain, I have a run in with that shitty DJ at the Greenhouse. This guy is sitting there, butchering songs like its his job, fucking up Joan Jett's I love Rock N Roll, and there I sit, stone sober because I don't have enough money to get a damn drink.

As if this guy isn't bad enough when I'm drunk, he's even worse when I'm not; I can't be nearly as much of a prick when I'm sober because I actually have some sort of a conscience (I don't agree with it, but its not my choice). So I'm getting irritated, and starting to bitch loudly about how bad this guy is (again, just me being a dick, not because of the one beer I had all night), but no one is really paying attention.

The place is crowded with wannabe gangbangers and whores, and I remember right away why I hate this place so much...and of course that is adding to the fire. Just as I'm about to leave, some guido looking douchebag is standing outside having a cigarette talking to some other guy about something...and I make a remark about how much that DJ in there sucks. Sure enough, guido looking douchebag turns and smiles and goes, "Ha, yea right" and then walks back his DJ booth. Now, being as I'm sober, I actually feel bad that I insulted this dude right too his face, and try bullshitting with the other guy that knew him, saying that I dig classic rock and not this techno dance bullshit they play nowadays. It got nowhere.

Now, I feel kind of bad because I insulted this dude right to his face, and he could have been a lot more of a dick about it...yet the moral of the story is, don't play shitty music. Play club music at a club, play rock n'roll at a bar, or else pricks like me will insult you...consistently. If there's any DJ's out there, heed my warning, for it rings true.

On a related note, I've launched a six month JIHAD on the Greenhouse because of this shitty night.

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