Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gas prices

Gas hit about $3 a gallon today. Bush claims that he's going to stop putting gas in the national reserve, and start a probe looking into oil companies. Sure you are.

First, I wonder why anyone, anywhere is surprised by this. The guy is an oilman. He supports Big Oil. Now that he is in office, Big Oil is taking home record profits. And by record, I mean fucking RECORD. Check this out-

"David Winston, a GOP pollster, said the size of the retirement package of former Exxon Mobil chief executive Lee R. Raymond has added to public outrage over rising gasoline prices. Winston said the multimillion-dollar package made people doubt oil companies' assertions that market forces and not their drive for profits stood behind the run-up in gasoline prices.

Raymond received $48.5 million in salary, bonus and incentive payments last year; he got a $98.5 million lump-sum retirement package in January, when he left the company; and he had accumulated by the end of 2005 $183 million in Exxon shares and unexercised stock options with a net worth of $69 million."

Are you kidding? Who the fuck gets a 400 million dollar retirement package?

What frustrates me the most is that the Republicans have managed to convince the working class that they stand up for them, and that it's us, the "East Coast Liberal Elite" who are out to stick it to them. I've got to hand it to them, they've created possibly the biggest myth since the McCarthy witch hunts. When it comes down to it, this country has made its bed, now it must lay in it.

We should make the gas prices higher in the states that voted Republican. Don't blame me, I'm from Jersey...we voted for Kerry.

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