Sunday, April 09, 2006


Long day today. Worked all day, mostly off about five hours sleep. I was drinking over at the Paris Inn last night, and had a good time, even though I don't really like the place. Too many guidos who think they're in the fucking mob, too many screechingItalian wives with voices that cut glass and shatter diamonds.

But it wasn't bad. Me and Don sat over there and girlfriends, no other people, just me and him and some beer. We've got alot to remininsce about because of the last six years or so...we've done alot of shit. And its been a shindig. I need nights like that once in a while just to drink and bullshit about the stupid crap we've done, as opposed to other nights that get so heavy in drama and drinking and fights. Nah, at the Paris Inn, its a bunch of older folks who seem to have had their fill of life, and they can just hang out. Unlike us younger, more spirited types, of course.

Work went slow. It started off cold, but by around 11 it was pretty damn warm out. I wasn't so much hungover as just outright tired, and that made the morning drag pretty badly. Got some tip money though, and got a decent tan on the arms; this is the start of my farmer's tan, which, in two months, will have me looking Irish on the torso and Mexican on the arms. Nothing like it.

Moved alot of cement today, again, also. This was the second straight day of moving heavy pieces that came in the other day, but I felt fine, surprisingly. I think the powerlifting program I'm on has certainly had its effects- my back and legs feel strong, and there's not much at the yard that I can't lift alone now. I wish I had learned this shit five years ago, because I'd be a fucking bull by now. The fact that I'm only lifting three days a week has helped also, and I'm not so run down on the weekends. Not bad, not bad.

The Sox swept the Orioles today in their series, which is always a plus.

I can feel summer starting to creep in, and its driving me crazy. Five months of frigid temperatures has me so antsy I can't even believe it. The Red Sox are back, baseball is moving, the whether is warming.... It feels good to have my hands have that cracked, fucked feeling from moving cement all day, and to have my lips have that dryness that comes when you smoke too many cigarettes and its just too warm out. It feels good to smell like "Work" again. Feels damn good.

Soon enough...

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