Thursday, July 27, 2006

La Revolucion!....or not

Just a word of advice to all you future revolutionaries on the college campuses everywhere: start fucking weightlifting!

Yes, I'm talking about you, you of the Che' Guevara t-shirt wearing, Fidel Castro "My beard is Meant to be This Sloppy" look. You who wear the berets with a silver star on the front (by the way, berets are for fags and Frenchmen, neither of which have won any kind of wars anywhere) and carry around plastic guns and take pictures of them and then put them up on Myspace. Discard for now your Little Red Book and your Communist Manifesto, and see if you can wrap your enlightened minds around this simple thing I just stated: you all need to weightlift.

You may be incredulous right now, looking around amongst yourselves saying, "But I am enlightened! My sheer force of will and intellect will win this coming war (ha) for me! Muscles are for idiots and Republicans, those who take too much pride in the individual and ignore the will of the masses! And for this, they will pay".

Well, I say that you're in for a rude awakening. Why? Because the cops, they're all like me. They sit around all day, eat, weightlift, and drink beers, waiting to crack some tree hugging potheads' head open- especially when they look like Fidel Castro. Your 5'10, 150 pound frame is not going to take the beating that these big ole' Irishman are going to deliver, and, like your trachea, your revolution will be crushed. Put down the bowl and get to the weightroom. You're going to need it.

Yea, I'm kind of drunk, and railing against people like this guy:

If you're on Myspace, tell'em his band sucks and he's a tool.

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PowerLifter1974 said...

gotta love morons like that, hide behind a gun.....f'that, throw em down then we'll throw down.....pussies and their guns.....