Wednesday, July 26, 2006

On the Israeli War

America needs to be away from this type of fighting.

As you can imgaine, I'm not pro-Israel. I think that the whole idea of their inception (being chartered by the UN out of pity) is ridiculous, and I understand why the Palestinians are ragingly angry. I think the Zionists in that country are more than willing to start World War III just to keep their little strip by the Mediterranean, and I think they are just as dangerous as the people they are fighting.

Of course, on the other side we do have radical Islam, which is not a side that I can root for either (for obvious reasons).

In Israel and Palestine, you have what I think is the "Democrat syndrome". We will bitch about Bush starting the war, and how terrible it is (some of us bitched before it started and were fucking ignored), but the time is past for that. All that can be done now is use it as a lesson, as Vietnam is, and try to figure out what we can do now to get us out. Ironically, by deposing Saddam, we have opened the door for Iran to create a massive Shi'ite empire, which will undoubtedly contribute to problems for Israel in the future.

Israel has gone above and beyond what is called for for these two soldiers. They want a war, and are showing it right now. Let them fight it. Let America stand to the sidelines and watch them fight for their own lives- they've been spoiled by American money and weapons for too long. And really, in the end, what has it gotten us? Three thousand dead, Trade Centers gone, and the hatred of the Muslim world, all for supporting this country's claim to land that they have no right to in the first place.


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Wars are stupid

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