Thursday, July 06, 2006

North Korea

Yes, North Korea just launched a couple missiles in an attempt to test them out. Now, all I see is internet message boards lighting up with the same alarmist bullshit chants of, "We must take them out before they take us!", "They are a threat to national security", or, "You're all a bunch of Neville Chamberlains! Liberal appeasers! We must meet this threat!".

Well, let me tell you something: you're all a bunch of fucking idiots. Blunt enough for you?

Any comparison to a dark horse Germany on the warpath is ridiculous and pathetic. Nazi Germany was a beaten down country that had not only an axe to grind with the rest of Europe, but also a dagger to put into its side. They were destroyed and crippled, and by massive nationalistic propaganda and a cunning campaign by the Nazi's, rose back up with rage. They had a strong army, a strong economy, and an incredible Luftwaffe, and generals that were nearly uncomparable (at least until America got there). They had all kinds of resources, and would have been a world power had they stayed afloat for maybe another ten years without starting a war. They certainly dwarfed all other countries militarily, with the exceptions of America, Britain, and probably the USSR. They were a threat.

You want to know what North Korea is? A pathetic shadow of its 1950 self, incapable of waging a war against us. No longer do they have the unbridled support of Communist China, or Soviet weapons to back them up. The great fight between capitalism and communism is over, and North Korea is a broken reminder of why it just doesn't work. The people eat fucking bugs and grass to stay alive- in the 1990s, a sixth of the country died because of famine. They are starving, their food distribution system is failed, and the people, most likely, are not too fond of their government because of this. They give off the impression of a stable nation, but that's only because of the extraordinary noose around the neck of the people. They are a country that is literally self destructing, and that, in another ten years, might not even exist. Their air force is outdated, they barely have a standing fleet, and their "Million man Army" is nothing in comparison with the technological power and physical prowess of the United States Army.

To tangle with us would mean to be beaten to death, and exterminated. Kim Jong Il knows this, I'm sure. Go ahead- send a missile near someone, and watch the fireworks. This man might be delusional, but he ain't stupid. They are not a threat to us, and our shield is one that all other nations will go behind if needed. Stop acting like they are the next coming of the Nazi's; someone I know did that with Iraq, and look at his approval ratings.

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