Friday, January 12, 2007


I walked into China P. last night with one of my buddies, and as soon as we sat down I saw AARP guy sitting there with his busted up face and an ugly woman who was apparently his wife. Three seats away sat the guy who saved his ass, the younger guy's buddy.

AARP was again loud and obnoxious. Bill came over and said something in his language that sounded like, "You should have let that fight go longer."

When AARP went to have a cigarette, the buddy told us that he harassed the younger guy in the bathroom while he was taking a piss, and that's where the whole fight stemmed from. Someone else there mentioned that a couple months ago he slammed his wife into the wall, holding her by the throat and asking her, "Do you want to die tonight?". When AARP guy walked back in, he collected his shit and walked out without looking at any of us that witnessed his ass beating.

I should have let that fight go longer.

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